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Your small children can now also enjoy YouTube


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YouTube Kids is an official app from YouTube that's designed to let small children enjoy content specifically tailored to them. Before beginning to use this app, an adult can select whether they want to include content for preschool children or for kids that have already started primary school.

YouTube Kids' two most important configuration options are the following: the possibility to restrict searches and to set a time limit. The second option lets you easily monitor the amount of time your little ones spend in front of the screen watching videos.

The video content on YouTube Kids is, of course, perfectly geared towards kids. You can find cartoons for toddlers, gameplay videos appropriate for minors, along with many other videos covering a variety of topics.

YouTube Kids is an excellent app that keeps kids entertained for hours ... and gives adults some time to relax. Plus, with the timer, you can make sure they don't spend too much time watching videos.
How to activate the Restricted Mode on YouTube

YouTube's already got a parental control mode, but it's true that for most people this restriction is excessive as it blocks practically any content that's unsuitable for the littlest kids. To offer a less strict alternative they've rolled out the Restricted Mode, which automatically hides content based on user appropriateness ratings.
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Is YouTube Kids really all that safe?

Parenting in the digital age is a mile a minute dash where keeping up to speed with current tech trends is a prerequisite in order to fully understand and be able to monitor what your kids are really doing online.  Thankfully, YouTube is aware of this fact and is willing to do some of the work for you. A few months back they came out with YouTube Kids – an adapted version of YouTube that's specifically geared towards kids, offering child friendly content through a simplified app interface. Available on iOS and Android, it also blocks any content that's not labeled as appropriate for minors.
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